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the virtual of everything / strategies for a post-image reality

With the ever increasing demand for goods and services we have committed ourselves to constantly be on the look out for new and exciting products that we can promote and find ways to deliver better more reliable and efficient things that will enhance you way of life. Not all product here are real or even exist. Some live in virtual worlds but non-the- less bring us joy.

some random statistical nonsense

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Social techniques to take you into the 24th century and beyond
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This set of FREE social learning techniques have been designed to reinforce your existence past beyond your years. Learn how to preserve yor digital lifespans in 10 easy steps starting with this free introductory refresher course.

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how to install confusion and mistrust within a society

sometimes i is better to not know what it is we are engaging with, maybe find some advertising slogans or propaganda which relates to security and right to privacy

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binding tie - especially useful for detaining suspects by shackling them to fixed objects
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sometimes the things we need do not necessarily express the things we want but nonetheless these binding ties are very popular among law enforcement officials. they come in a variety of colours but black or white, depending on the situation at hand, seem to be preferred. here is what other people are saying about these great innovative disruptive objects.

the virtual trash can
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Rest assure that what you think you are deleting will exist forever. Unless you physically destroy your computer all your information is in the safe hands of marketers, agencies or state run enterprises. if you engage with cloud computing and storage we can sell you one of them too. although far more reliable in terms of access by third parties clouds can be very loose forming in structure and tend to be far more confusing.

This trasyh can is only an illusion of what might possibly be.

make sure you use with caution.

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Don't be fooled by the price - it is indicative only and will most likely inflate in the next 24 hours or less

This home comes with all the modern conveniences of living in small spaces. A relatively low maintenance environment gives purchasers that added ability to commute to work with out of the use of non-existent public transport.  There's action almost everywhere amidst the exciting city life; all within walking distance in this highly sought after location. 

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hi my name is nicholas,